Kamer Sterreplein Maastricht

Prijs €380
Adres Sterreplein
Oppervlakte 24 m²
Postcode 6221AM
Beschikbaar op 04-03-2023
Stad Maastricht

Are you looking for a social living place where there is a communal interest in the property and each other, including a cat? Then, look no further!Near the center of Maastricht in Wyck, an international co-housing project is located. And we have a room available! Within this beautiful house, 6 members (aged 25-40, originating from different countries) live together with a shared responsibility for the house and its finances. The house itself has 3 floors, 3 toilets, 2 bathrooms (including a bath!), a shared living room and a big kitchen which is connected to a spacious garden.You'll get 2 separate unfurnished rooms.Details: located on Sterreplein, MaastrichtCost for an unfurnished room: +/- 350 € all inclusive (gas, water, light, high-end wifi) with a 1000 € deposit. You pay contribution, not rent. There is no landlord, the house is subscribed at the KVK as an association. Plus, we believe in contribution in 2 ways: money (low contribution) + effort by giving your time and skills.What you get:- a superior location in city center for a very low price. Peaceful, yet lively (students live here around)- a garden- chance to decide for yourself if you want to socialize or not. At least, chance is low to feel lonely- you level up your skills in managing a house & team, communicating and leading meetings, setting boundaries, picking tasks yourself which you wánt to do. But above, you get chance for taking responsibility & learn how your managing skills impact others- a cleaning lady- people around you whom you can network with or who can help you out (in the past we’ve shared cars, materials, food)What the house needs:- Age: 25-40, no couples who want to live together throughout the week, or parents (better fit elsewhere :))- a working person and staying in Maastricht for > 1,5 year. Open to take a board role, somewhere in your staying period here- experience with living independently (e.g. during student time)- necessary for continuity of the association: subscription of your name and address at the municipality on this address- being present for 2hrs per 6 weeks of house meetings to update each other on house tasks + invest 1hr/week for your team role- do 1 weekly house chore (gardening, instant fixing, arranging companies for long term maintenance tasks, groceries, bring garbage to recycling post)- being present on 6 do-it-yourself days during the year (planned on Sunday or Saturday).We do maintenance chores together.So, still interested in sharing your skills and living together? Send us an message saying why you suit our community and what you’re planning to do in Maastricht for the upcoming years. We know we cannot expect people to plan ahead, but we’re curious about your intentions about work/social life in Maastricht for your future.

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